People oftens ask which is the best value tours ?

Well we have tours starting at just £35 per hour per person (thats based on 5 dales tour).

Our best value lowest price tour is a 1 hour tour of the North Pennines at just £60 each .( Pennine tours are structured at a  lower price although still absolutely stunning tours).

After that all the tours in other areas are based around a similar price structure..

Our favourite tour is the Lake district Viking road and our 5 dales tour into Yorkshire.... both especially amazing tours.

The price you see on the listing is the total price for the trike to go out on the tour, so if it says '£179.99' then that is the total price for 2 people to take the tour. not per person.


Our tours have no fillers.. just miles and miles of fun.. and dont forget if you want something you dont see just get in touch... be-spoke tours always available..


please check out  the individual tour pages..

Great tours...Amazing experience.. fun for all ages

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