1- Please ensure you arrive at pick up point on time to be kitted out with clothing. Tours will start from time booked and time will be lost off tour for late arrivals, all tours will finish at stated time to ensure we are ready for next customers on time.

2– Our standard weight limit is 17.5 stone in weight (111 kg) per person .Anyone over this will be charged a £10 p person supplement. We are unable to carry any single person over 20 stone in weight and this is very important for safety reasons. If our driver believes the weight limit will be exceeded he will refuse you & cancel the tour without refund so please check first.

3- We will provide: Helmets, gloves and jackets or shower proof coveralls ( if required). All of the flip helmets supplied have intercom systems installed. Giving you the opportunity to talk to each other or the driver whilst on tour. . All you need to bring is: Warm clothing, Trousers, sensible Shoes.

4- Booking N O E T T tours: Tours / Deposits may be refunded if the tour is cancelled a minimum of 21 days prior to the booked date minus a 20% booking f ee of the full tour price. If cancelled within 21 days of the tour then the tour / deposit is not refunded. If the booking is cancelled within 72 hours of the tour time the full amount for the tour will be payable to North of England Trike Tours. Re-scheduling within 72 hours of the tour date is not permitable. If the customer does not turn up for the tour on the booked date and time then the full tour price is payable to NOETT.

5- For tours which you wish to re-schedule we require minimum of 7 days notice. If you wish to re-schedule a tour giving 7 or more days notice this will be done once free of charge, if you wish to re-schedule again after that a £30 charge will be applied. Tours which the customer reschedules into the next year may incur price changes if the tour price changes , this is due to fluxuations in running costs. If you choose to cancel a tour after you have previously re-scheduled that tour then the full amount is payable to NOETT. Tours which you wish to reschedule within 7 days of the tour date will incur a charge of £30 if it is possible to reschedule which is not always possible and down to the discretion of NOETT. Re-scheduling within 72 hours of the tour date is not permitable.

6- For overnight stays where NOETT has paid for rooms for customers in the event of customer postponements or postponements due to weather condition or other factors out of our control the monies paid by NOETT for the accommodation must be reimbursed to NOETT by the customer.

7- Postponements due to weather and unsuitable conditions- If your tour has to be postponed due to weather or low temperature conditions then we will reschedule the tour to a close date which is convenient for both parties or we will register your postponement as a gift voucher valid to use any time in the next 12 months from that postponed tour date. For holiday tours we will endeavour to provide your tour before you leave if possible, therefore we advise you book your tour date for the beginning days of your holiday so we have more freedom to rebook if necessary. It is the responsibility of the customer/voucher holder to re-book within the extended period & no further extension will be offered beyond the 12 month period regardless of circumstances except for further postponements on booked dates due to weather conditions.

8- For tours starting more than 20 miles from our base we use weather forecasts from the met office and act upon the suitability of the conditions accordingly. No tours will go ahead if the forecast is consistent rain or unsuitable in any way in the opinion of the driver .We will endeavour to contact you to advise, or take advice from you. If we are unable to contact you on the morning of the tour to recommend postponement then we reserve the right not to attend the tour and make a postponement or if we do attend the tour in changeable weather the tour will go ahead regardless of conditions. This is definitely not something we like to do so that is why it is very important you give us a contact number where we can reach you to avoid this. The final decision on all tour postponements is with the driver.

9- If unexpectedly we cannot complete the tour agreement with the exception of postponements due to weather conditions or essential maintenance then the full amount may be refundable.

10- Gift vouchers with a stated value written on them the value remains the same when postponed however some tours vary in price from year to year due to fluctuations in running costs and the current price applies to all tours booked at time of booking or re booking which ever is later. Gift vouchers are non refundable, they are strictly valid up to the date stated upon them , However if you are unable to take your tour within the dates stated on your voucher please call us, we are prepared to send you a new voucher which gives an extension of 3 months from the end date on your original voucher. This must me booked before the expiry date or a maximum of 7 days after the expiry date. A charge of £30 is payable for this service and it WILL NOT BE OFFERED REGARDLESS OF CIRCUMSTANCES beyond the '7 days after expiry date' .

11- It is the responsibility the holder of the gift voucher to book a tour date as soon as possible or rebook a postponed tour thus giving the voucher holder more choice of dates available, tour dates booked 'last minute' may have limited availability and NOETT holds no responsibility for voucher holders whom attempt to book at a late date and can not be accommodated exact dates.

12- Proms and specific dated tours such as birthdays & anniversaries etc that have to be cancelled in advance due to unsuitable weather no refund is given but a credit note to the value of the amount paid will be issued for use with NOETT with 12 mths validity. In circumstances where we travel to or set off to travel to the pickup point without further advice from the customer and the customer does not want us to take them to the destination due to weather or other circumstances the full amount is payable to NOETT with no refund. It is the responsibility of the customer to advise us on any unsuitable weather conditions or circumstances in advance. All ''tours' demonstrate our trikes which are available to purchase.

13- All tours starting or finishing after 1800 hrs will incur a £10 per hour charge for the duration of the tour after 1800 hrs, charged per hour or part hour, you will be notified of this at time of booking. Refreshments are not provided by NOETT unless otherwise stated. Tour route may vary slightly from time to time due to conditions. Insurance: We are fully covered for the purpose of our business. If for any reason we consider you unsuitable for travelling with us on the day we will cancel the tour with no refund. Children are welcome with N O E T T but must be accompanied by an adult (16 or over) at all times. Children must be big enough to put their feet on the foot rests, 130 cm or 10 yrs old is a good guide. It is the responsibility of the prom/tour/gift voucher purchaser to ensure prom/tour/gift voucher recipients are suitable for travel under these terms & conditions.

14- By making your booking both yourself & North of England trike tours are entering into a contract which both parties agree to adhere to in conjunction with the above terms & conditions. Your enjoyment is highly important to us and we will do everything in our power to make sure you have an unforgettable time touring with us.

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