Lake district tours

Tour 1 - 2 Hour Lake district Adventure

This great tour starts just off the M6  near Ulswater / Penrith.  We head down towards Keswick and south through the stunning lakeland vista . Past Thirlmere, through Grassmere & Ambleside and lake Windermere before riding high over Kirkstone pass and along Ulswater.. lots to see on this absolutely beautiful tour.  

APX 63 miles - 2 hrs

£125 pp Total £249.99

Tour 2 - Viking road Lake district trike tour 4 hour Adventure.  Most Popular Lakes tour

This is simply our favourite tour..Starting at Ulswater we head deep into the lakes to Keswick & Borrowdale. Then climb high over Honister pass. Stop for a coffee at the slate mine & then head to beautiful Buttermere with its amazing history and legend..Through England's only mountain forest pass before heading down the lakes, Thirlmere, Ambleside & Windermere, kirkstone pass and Ulswater.. Simply the most stunning  relaxed  tour we have. Loved by every one who takes it. APX 100 miles - 4hrs

£210 pp Total £420

Lake district trike tours are just amazing. 

We have been taking people on tours of the Lakes since 2007 riding on total one-off custom trikes, along

mountain passes & beautiful lakes with a fun, personable biker guide.. Showing the sights, telling local stories. We tend to stay in the parts that as less populated  on roads that the locals use, giving you an amazing view of the Lakes & mountains..  why not book yourself for that totally memorable special weekend away.

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 Tour 3 - 3 Hour  Lakeland Adventure

This beautiful tour heads Along ulswater over Kirkstone pass and Windermere. Then Newby bridge, Esthwaite water & Hawkshead. Then we head up through Ambleside  and take it full circle  back to base. Lovely scenery, Stunning tour. APX 85 miles - 3hrs 

£165 pp Total £330

Tour 4 - Hotel pick up Keswick /Windermere / Kendal. Bespoke tours

Fantastic days out .. tailored around you. If you would rather we come to you and collect you from your hotel then just give us a call..Tours from 2 hrs upwards..

£155 pp Total £310

Tour 5 - Waswater  lunch stop & Hardknot pass tour

This tour is stunning... Through the lakes.. Keswick, Honister pass, Buttermere, West coast, Ennerdale & Waswater officially England best view. Wasdale head lunch stop. The over the very scarey Kirkstone pass and Wrynose pass.. Ambleside &Kirkstone pass, Ulswater and home.  A great day out. lots of fun.

APX 120 miles - 5-6 hrs

£275 pp Total £550

NEW....Tour 6 - Lakes , the big one.. Langdale, viking road, Dungeon Ghyll and lots of passes..

Make a full day of it..This tour is stunning... Through the lakes.. Keswick, Honister pass,  nice Photo opportunity near Slate mines. Riding along the waters edge of beautiful Buttermere and the waterfalls at Newlands pass.. Then  on to Thirlemere, Grassmere over into the stunning amphitheatre of Great Langdale. Stopping for lunch at Dungeon Ghyll over the pass joining  Wrynose pass and then Ambleside & Kirkstone pass, Ulswater and home.


great day out. lots of fun.

APX 120 miles - 5-6 hrs

£275 pp Total £550

Great tours...Amazing experience.. fun for all ages

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