Our pledge to help

We believe 100% that every person should be given the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic experience & over the years we have taken out 100's of people who need a little extra help due to all sorts of conditions.

The highlight of the day seriously is being able to get someone on the trike who is never going to be able to ride a motorcycle for whatever reason and making sure they have an absolutely fantastic time with us..

It doesn't matter that it takes a little longer or maybe we alter the route slightly to suit them..What matters is they are given an absolutely unforgettable experience to treasure.

We have many return customers coming back year after year because its such feeling of freedom riding on the back of our monster of a trike, knowing the're in safe hands and enjoying the craic and the whole biker experience.

We had a cracking write up in Mobilise magazine a few years ago..

So please get in touch... and we will do everything in our power to make sure everyone can experience the ride of their lives ...

Disabilities & mobility issues

Mike , Trike Tours

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