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is England's original
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with Corona Virus becoming more wide spread we are not using intercons this season due to close proximity to mouth . All helmets mouth pieces are cleaned with alcohol between tours. We also are asking customers to use their own gloves. We do not exepect any problems as we are out in the wilds but we are doing everything in our power to ensure this.


Featured of Countryfile as well as many other productions we set up in 06 running tours on Harley Davidson motorcycles  & moving to trikes in 07 providing the very best tours anywhere in stunning diverse scenery.

Our philosophy was then & still is simple , to share our passion for the great outdoors & motorcycles and to make every customer young or old feel right at home & part of the biking scene even just for a few hours..

We have seen many companies come and go  in 12 years, but we remain.. The main reason is this is our lifestyle..not just a job.. We live it 24 / 7..  we're 100% bikers through and through.. and we are definitely in it for the long haul..

If you were needing a plug fitted you would go to an electrician, not a  lollipop man.. Its the same principal with a trike tour. If you want the full biker experience you don't go to an accountant , you go to real bikers.. and that's us..

Your host is has been riding bikes for 40 years ( started as a child )..a builder of custom bikes & trikes & never happier than when he is out riding .. or camping somewhere.

The whole business is family run..

In 12 yrs our philosophy hasn't changed. We want you to arrive as customers ,

but leave as friends.... This is North of England trike tours



Great tours...Amazing experience.. fun for all ages

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