North of England TRIKE TOURS - as featured on Countryfile



Established 2007

Trike sales & service

North of England Trike Tours is able to aquire used or even have built quality trikes. We can service your trike for you, We can also have your project completion work undertaken by ourselves in our workshop.

Diesel conversions undertaken for any trike including Boom.


If your new to triking then why not book a chauffeured demonstration tour before you decide wether triking is for you. If you choose to purchase a trike from us then the full demonstration tour cost is returned.

Harley Davidson 1200 cc trike.

Near completion a 1972 1200 cc trike, lots of stainless parts, lovely professional frame,  single , twin or 3 seater. completion undertaken upon deposit.


from £12,500 depending on spec.

Diesel Rat trike. camo.

1900 cc econonomical peugeot engine capable of running on bio-fuel.

Mad max styling, not pretty, urban rat styling, but excellent engineering & practicality. 3 seater. Excellent way to get into 'proper' triking on a budget.. real rally gem... very mad max


From £4595 depending on spec.


from your unfinished bike project to

your pride and joy Boom or Rewaco