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Established 2007

for sale iveco motorhome

5 full size beds .... wood burning stove... 20 mpg......very cheap to licence

The amost amazing vehicle weve ever owned.


Ok weve had a few motorhomes over the years but this one is something special.


We have owned this big bus for about 4 yrs and travelled all over the Scottish highlands & islands in it.

Its totally self sufficient, definately no need to stop on camp sites ( urghh) !

Just wild camping everywhere, a wood burning stove thats fueled by pine cones and 5 proper comfortable full size & king size beds.


We normally stay in 3 weeks at a time but to tell the truth id happily live in it permanantly but family wont. :-(


so one has to go and afraid its this beautiful old girl.  The only reason seriously is it is only getting used about 3 or 4 weeks of the year and i cant justify that.


These big campers are getting harded to find these days and this one is done out properly, not a caravan interior thrown in but a full on 'hippy traveller' type of thing built for comfort and  long distance travelling.

iveco2 iveco


this started life as a stanstead airport shuttle bus and has only covered

200,000 kilometres from new.. thats about 130,000 miles.

i previously owned one with 600, 000 miles that was still going strong.


Being owned by the airport it was maintained regardless of cost.

A scout group bought it and converted it into a motorhome for the group a few years ago when it came out of service. Its is regestered as a motorhome with DVLA making insurance cheap.


The model is the Iveco 59-12. this means the chassis is allowed to carry 5.9 ton and the engine is 120 bhp. The best combination Iveco do.

It currently weighs in just over 4 ton so you can carry what ever you like  or make plenty of modifacations.

The length is 7.45 metres, that makes it in the cheaper ferry crossings tarrif , motorhomes classed up to 8 metres for most ferry companies - saving money - thats why we measured it before we bought it.

The engine is a very special one. It is a real wagon engine, not a van engine like most ivecos. it is only 2500cc, its low reving, in fact it ticks over at 700 rpm but it is producing 120 bhp , more than enough , but because of this combination we are able to achieve 20 mpg , making it as efficient to run as a ford transit camper, and as cheap to service. It does not have air brakes and you do not have to be a HGV fitter to service it, its just like a big car to work on, very simple, some people buy the 7.5 ton busses not realising they can be a pain to work on and expensive, iv had a couple and would not again, This bus is simple..

plus this vehicle is capable of running on waste vegatable oil (you are allowed 2500 litre a year legally by regesteringing with HMRC)  although we run it on diesel it is set up to run no problem on WVO = FREE FUEL.




She is 5 berth at the moment but that can easily be increased. In the rear of the bus is a kingsize bed with a single above it, both use household mattresses and are very comfortable.

Under the rear beds is a massive staorage area, great for bikes, fishing rods, fire wood and the dog.. she loves it in there and she isnt under our feet, she just comes out to lie in front of the fire, she is not allowed on the sofa or bed though.. so dont worry no dog smells in the bus or smoking as we dont. Lots of storage all over the bus, above driver and full shelved.. can never have too much storage areas..


In the front the sofa pulls out. Its a metal framed double sofa bed, not a  cheap one and I sleep here for weeks in total comfort . It takes apx 15 seconds to put it up and away.

The wood burner is a little Gem , it will  burn all night on a bag of pine cones or what ever you like, i like the pine cones as we are normally next to a forest and they are abundant and free.


The kitchen has a 4 ring hob, grill and oven and there is a sink with lots of cupboard space. We dont use a water tank and prefer to keep it onboard in 5g and 3l containers, Built in water tanks on motorhomes can harbour all sorts of deseases when not in regular use and we just believe this is a simpler safer way to be.

There are 2 green seats, one can be seen next to the fire. these fit into approved runners hidden in the floor creating 2 forward facing seats with belts just behind the driver and on the passenger side, ideal for those long rides.. the veiws out the front window are tremendous its so big, infact it is very light and airy inside due to all the windows.


Tha bathroom has a cassettee toilet , mirror and a shower tray fitted. no shower fitted yet as we just use the solar shower.

This is a beautiful older bus and with any older camper van she is not brand new and they all require love and minor tinkering from time to time , its not a brand new hobby caravan made from plastic. Older buses like this are constantly evolving, every time you go away you think ouf another modifacation to make her ever better for living in, seems now its more comfortable than my is totally reliable and i would happilly get in it right now and drive it anywhere in the world without a care.

Top speed is just a little over 60 but i normally never exceed 50 mph because with that huge front window it is a joy just to see the areas your touring through rather than just rushing between destinations. campers are supposed to be about the journey , arnt they ??

The slightly lower differental makes it amazing in the highlands, climbing each and every mountain pass with ease, Glenshee, applecross, glencoe, skye.. Glenelg.... effortless, and power stearing and good brakes make it very easy to drive all day.


So....If you like all things shiney and modern this wont be for you. It is very 'rustic' minimal, its not perfect but is beautiful and  constantly evolving.

But if you, like me have a bit of the traveller in you or are a hippy at heart, into survival ar just want to escape the rat race  'indefinately'  maybe permanantly want to drive off into the sunset and live on a remote scottish island then you may just fall in love with her like i did..

I dont want to see her go, My family and I have had such amazing adventures in  her and it wont break my heart if i dont sell her ever ...


So the price.

It is £7000 and worth every penny. no silly offers. Plus as a bonus  mid July i will be adding 12mth MOT for your complete peace of mind and conveinience.


Please genuine enquires only and no dreamers, im a nice bloke but seriously dont appreaciate time wasters as life is way to short..

Its not a lot of money for a liestyle change and it will do that for you.  genuine people & enquiries more than welcome... thanks for looking..



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