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Established 2007

North of England Trike Tours pledge to cater for disabilities & mobility issues.

At North of England Trike Tours we believe that the experience that we offer gives a fantastic sense of freedom to able bodied people and people with disabilty's alike.


For a lot of people with physical & mental health problems the joy of riding on a motorcycle with the wind in your face is never going to happen.


But North of England Trike Tours has made a pledge that we will do everything in our power to make sure that you can still enjoy all the sensations of riding on a motorcycle from the comfort and safety of our trike.


Over the past 10 years we have taken out hundreds of people with mobility  problems or other disabilities with partners or carers and although it can sometimes take a little longer this is not an issue for us.


Our only issue is that you have a great time and we really do take the time and care to ensure that we create memories that you can treasure and that you do have the

Ride of Your Life...


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A Ride on the Wild Side?


What do you get the man who isn’t really that bothered about birthdays or presents?  Well, at 55 I maybe too old to Rock N’ Roll but I’m certainly way too young for cardigan, pipe or slippers.


In racking her brain to come with something fresh and original my good lady wife delved into our past. In our courting days, we both enjoyed the freedom that a succession of motorcycles gave us before mortgages and disability made their very different demands on us. This inspired her to look at ways to give us a brief revival of those halcyon days of our youth.

Rather cleverly, she had spotted a leaflet for Trike Tours in the North of England and gave them a ring. Yes they had some short notice availability and yes they could accommodate a bespoke tour with a start and finish location of her choosing. Another phone call to the Swinton Park Hotel, a midweek special offer on accommodation, and the scene was set for a night away and a chauffeured tour of the Yorkshire Dales by Trike.

The agreed pick up time of 10:30 allowed a leisurely breakfast and exactly on time a powerful exhaust note reverberating off the ivy clad walls announced the arrival of the stunning 3 seater trike that would be our mount for the next two and a half hours.

The chauffeur introduced himself as Mark and produced the helmets, waterproof coverall and gloves that we would need for the ride. It should be said here that my disability is of the “wobbly walker” end of the spinal cord injured spectrum As Mark has an interest in the National Association of Bikers with Disabilities he had the greatest empathy with my needs and seemed unperturbed at my scrabbling aboard his fabulous machine.

Having assisted me to clamber onto rear seat Mark connected our intercoms allowing us to chat to him as well as each other and also listen to the on board music system. Seat belt tightened, a few last minute checks, a thumbs up and we were away to the anthem soundtrack of bikers the world over:- Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild”.

From the Swinton Park our trip took us initially through the historic market town of Masham with possibly the largest market square in Yorkshire. Masham is also home of two respected real ale breweries, Theakstons and Black Sheep, each with its own visitor’s centre where you can try their excellent traditional products. Then onto Leyburn one of the principal gateways to the Yorkshire Dales National Park and up into Wensleydale perhaps the best known Dale not only for its famous cheese but also for the tranquility and stunning scenic beauty that has provided the backdrop to several film and TV series, with Aysgarth Falls featuring in the Hollywood Blockbuster Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Taking the road from Hawes to Thwaite we ascended Buttertubs Pass. The pass derives its name from the large limestone pot holes near its summit in which, it is said that farmers would store their butter in them on hot summer days, whilst they rested their horses on their way to market. The trikes powerful l400cc engine taking the climb it its stride. Once described by Jeremy Clarkson as one of his all time favourite roads, and little wonder, Buttertubs Pass provides drivers and riders with a tight twisty roads and spectacular views as it writhes its serpentine trail over the hills between Wensleydale and Swaledale.

Fed by moorland streams cascading over typical limestone features the Swale becomes England’s fastest flowing river as it runs west to east to join the Ure, then the Ouse and Trent before joining the Humber.

Swaledale itself is one of the northernmost dales. Its remoteness makes it rather magical with its fellside fields and green pastures dotted with stone barns. All the more so from the open vantage point of the Trike The legacy of the Vikings could be seen on sign posts and in place names as we passed through attractive old limestone villages and hamlets with names like Keld, Thwaite, Muker and Reeth as we as we threaded our way along its narrow valley-bottom road.

All too soon we were heading back into Leyburn and the final leg back up to Swinton Park where we arrived back to Thin Lizzie’s “The Boys are Back In Town” to be greeted by some astonished but curious guests.

Was it what we’d hoped for? Well, of the thrill of motorcycling, for my money, perhaps Robert Pirsig said it best in his book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: "You’re completely in contact with it all. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.” The tour delivered all of that and, for a former biker, it satisfied a longing that had been gnawing away quietly for twenty five years.

Trike Tours offer exploration of the North of England’s finest countryside and coastline by a mode of transport that truly brings you closer to the most spectacular Lakes, Mountains and Coast that England has on offer in a way that a car never can.  With over thirty set tours from a 30 minute tour of “Old Durham Town” at  £25 per person ( £50 Total based on 2 people sharing) to a full day tour of Northumberland or the Borders at £250 per person, and bespoke tours an option, there’s something to suit everyone. Trike Tours is backed by the 'Shaw Trust' which means police and CRB checks have been carried out and approved for your complete piece of mind.

Mark is truly professional at what he does, and an associate member of the Advanced Institution Of Motorcyclists, nonetheless the pride, passion and sheer joy that Mark has for the great outdoors and in the service that Trike Tours provides shone throughout our trip. Fancy taking a ride on the Wild Side? Check out Trike Tours on

How does that song go again “Get your motor running, head out on the Highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes our way” Go on, treat yourself – you know you want to!

Gary Jackson..Sept 2010

Trike tours front page feature in Mobilise magazine..

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“"Dad that was the best birthday present ever" - said my disabled son”


Reviewed 29 September 2012 NEW


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I was desperate to find something a bit different for my sons 25th, as he has Asbergas Syndrome, he enjoys activities he can do alone or in very small groups. He has always loved our twice annual holidays at Center Parcs where he feels safe and their staff are so good with him in their activity area, so what to get him for his 25th??


On searching the www for something local, as I work almost 24/7, I came accross NE Trikes. While not my thing, when I saw the pics and knowing of my sons love of all things rock (Queen etc), I was sure this would be a hit.


They are sooo keen to please, were happy to do a door to door pick up, and we agreed a price, with the option of my son to add-on, on the day extra time, if he wished - he did!.

They took him to his place of employment so his m8s could see him and take pics, then off they went around the area for his 2 hour trip.

A great local business, with great staff, very willing to accommodate people less able or with special needs. Very happy to recommend.


from the family of a lad with Abergas Syndrome